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Sierra Espuña

Our Mountains


 Sierra Espuña is a mountain range belonging to the Greater Bética range located in the Región de Murcia, Spain. It belongs to the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia, Totana, Aledo & Mula; and is an important part of the River Segura Basin. It is a paradise for walking, climbing, mountain biking as well as other activities (more information found here: https://www.espuna-adventure.com/ ).

Our Fauna


We have a veritable zoo of species here in Sierra Espuña. 38 varieties of mammal, including: Wild Boar (Sus Scrofa), Barbary Sheep (Ammotragus Lervia), Wildcat (Felis Silvestris) & also our very own Red Squirrel which is endemic to Sierra Espuña  (Sciurus vulgaris hoffmani)

We have 123 species of birds including many species of birds of prey: Peregrine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus), Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo), Eurasian Scops Owl (Otus Scops) & Golden Eagle  (Aquila Chrysaetos)  as well as many smaller species such as Eurasian Golden Oriole (Oriolus Oriolus) & Lark of Dupont (Chersophilus dupont).

We have 17 reptiles species & 8 types of amphibians as well as over 500 varieties of butterfly (after which the Hotel was named).

Our Flora

Our Flora

We have a great range of flora here in Sierra Espuña, from Flowers to Wild Herbs, from Trees to Fungi. 

The best time to see the flowers is in the spring-time, we have the almond blossom (pictured), which can cover whole fields in it's delicate shade of pink, many varieties of wildflower, Wild Orchids, Cistus Albidus also grow in the springtime.

In the Autumn, we have a foragers paradise, with many varieties of edible (but some only once!) Mushrooms as well as wild Herbs; Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Juniper Berries!

Our Arboreal history is fascinating with a large chunk of the trees in the Parque Regional being hand planted in the late 1800s. Our main variety of tree is the Aleppo pine, although we also have Hollyoak, Elm, Poplar & Honeysuckle and others!

Barrancos de Gebas

Our Lake


Millions of Years ago, this landscape was the bottom of the sea bed, it was thrust out of the water by the clash of the African & Eurasian tectonic plates. Since then millions of years of rains onto the soft sandstone rock has accentuated the gullies and valleys formed by underwater currents from it's time in the depths. This has created this unique landscape, reminiscent of the moon (but this isn't made of cheese). It is an IUCN Protected landscape, and if you're prepared for an early start or a walk back in the dark, the sunrise, sunset and twilight views from here are something special!

Our Village


Our village was built in bygone centuries around natural water springs, because of this the houses are very spread out and are only centred around where there would have been a natural water source which was important for the villagers as the main source of income would have been farming, and in this harsh environment where we can reach 45 Degrees+ in summer, water is very important.
The village had approx. 300 residents back in the early 60's, but an ageing population and the fact that the springs started drying up has led to a steady decline and we're now at only 26! Many ruined farmhouses can be found in the village, which only adds to it's Mediterranean charm.

We celebrate our village fiesta on 11-15 of August every year in honour of our patron of Gebas, Purísima Concepción.

Our Town


Alhama de Murcia lies in the Valley of the river Guadalentín at the foot of the Sierra Espuña. Moorish Defence towers, ruined town walls, renaissance-style palaces, and mansions of the former nobility are all part of the legacy of the valley's varied history. To the Romans and Moors this town meant the thermal springs flowing off the mountain. This is, in fact, what gives the town its name, "Alhama de Murcia" being drived from "Al Hamam" in Old Arabic meaning "the bath". There are also the ruins of the older Roman baths that demonstrate the great age of the utilisation of the springs in the area. It was the Roman baths established in the 1st century AD that were further developed and used into the Islamic period. On the rocky outcrop overlooking the town stands a 12th-century Arab castle around which the town eventually grew. A walk through the town reveals a surprisingly rich range of colours used in the façades of the houses; red, ochres, violets and blues all add to the pleasantness of a stroll through the town. The old town is great for a stroll, stopping in one of the various little cafés or Ice Cream parlours on route to quench your thirst and enjoy the sunshine.

They celebrate 2 fiestas in Alhama, Los Mayos in...well, May actually. This has been voted of national cultural interest. We celebrate also La Feria in early October to celebrate the patron of the town,  la Virgen del Rosario. - The Virgin of the Rosary.


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